Living space matters. Space for living matters.

Living Space Consultancy is a novel approach combining personal coaching and interior design. I help people to create a living space that increases clarity about their life and to vision its potential so that it expresses how they want to live and what they want for their lives.

Living Space Consultancy works with the relationship between self and space and how they create and support each other. I work with people to create a synergy and alignment between their sense of self and their living space.

I offer more than support with creative ideas, I bring who you really are and where you are in your life into the process, to identify what’s important to you so that your personal environment reflects this.

Space Coaching includes:

  • decisions and feelings around next moves, new houses and old homes – New Space
  • how much you feel at home and the relationships within it – Lost in Space
  • how you use your space, organise yourself and manage stuff, and work/home boundaries – Clear Space
  • visioning and designing how you want your living space to be different – Create Space

What does your space and how you live in it say about you?

How it works

The home/work space of Living Space Consultancy

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